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Provided by healthcare professionals  

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Virtual Session Rates


60 mins $110.00 


45 mins $82.50


30 mins $70.00


Official receipt provided for insurance

Your schedule is busy.

You balance work, family and life demands, leaving little time for self-care.

Stay Strong Online also provides a library of videos for you to access between your individual sessions with your Therapist 

Stay Strong Online can benefit you…

Breast Cancer Recovery

Improve circulation, reduce lymphedema, alleviate shoulder pain and muscle tension. 

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Proper technique and safe, effective exercises are the keys to moving your body with less pain. 

Core and Posture

Improve posture, muscular strength, and flexibility while establishing a strong core


Gentle flow Pilates and breath-work cultivate inner calmness, assist with stress management and, improve your immune system.

Pre and Post Hip and Knee Surgery

Correct imbalances, rebuild strength and mobility through Physio-Pilates. Reduce your recovery time

Pelvic Floor Weakness

Proper engagement of the core muscles prevents pelvic floor overload assisting with urinary incontinence. Exercises are taught to help women prevent pelvic floor overload.



Benefits of Personalized Rehabilitation Pilates, and Exercise Programs


Designed by healthcare professionals


Safe technique, preventing the risk of injury


Supervised progression


Tailored sessions to individual needs


Individualized, guided, effective programs

Meet our healthcare professionals who provide decades of experience and knowledge

Aileen Szkwarek


The Boomer

Aileen is a registered physiotherapist with 35 years of experience. Originally from Northwestern Ontario, she understands first-hand that women living in remote areas don’t always have access to the same resources as those in urban areas. Aileen is one of a select few physiotherapists in Canada working exclusively in Pilates-based therapeutic exercise. She has a personal connection with Breast Cancer, as her mom is a Breast Cancer survivor.

Learn more about Aileen

Krista Dicks


The Millennial

Krista is a registered massage therapist, certified lymphedema therapist, Stott Pilates instructor as well as a podcast host and published author who has a passion for ongoing evidence-based learning. Krista understands the benefits of going online for easy access to health professionals without having to leave the home. She brings a unique combination of skills and has 15+ years of experience working with clients in the healthcare profession and fitness industry.

Learn more about Krista

"Your videos are a lifeline. Being able to see you is not only motivation to stay strong and healthy but provides a connection. I feel like I am in your class!"

– Debra H

“Thank you so much for being a kind, understanding person who has helped me relax and heal. The world needs more people like you.”

– Kayleen C

"I think your videos are wonderful! You are calm and encouraging and you even remind us to breathe."

"Your video guidance is perfect- reassuring and inspiring. So Good!"

"Aileen is considerate and patient and the way she uses Pilates in her physiotherapy sessions is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Her practical suggestions are extremely helpful and have played an important role in the day to day management of my symptoms."

 – Rebecca Fitzgerald

"My first Pilates class was with Krista and I enjoyed her teaching style and learned a lot!"

"For many years Aileen has provided physiotherapy treatments for my family and I that have resulted in positive outcomes. She treats with compassion and empathy. Her skills are top-level and I often refer friends to her for treatment."

– Jenn Godfrey

"Krista sets a relaxing and helpful tone to the exercises."

"Krista provides very clear instruction and demonstration of the exercises for all levels."

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